4 Must-try Adventures At Mleiha, Sharjah

Sharjah is a complete package when you look for fun on holidays. You name it, and Sharjah has got it all for you. You can literally experience everything from holy places to historical places here. So it suffices to say that if you and your close ones do not share similar tastes and often argue while going on a holiday trip, then you should try Sharjah at least once.

Mleiha is a small place in Sharjah that holds a historic value. But you can still have a benevolent time with your family and friends while exploring the sites of Mleiha Archaeological Centre. So, if you want to visit this place or are planning on visiting this place then keep the aforementioned places in mind.

Al Bustan Zoological Centre

The wildlife differs from place to place, Mleiha’s animals are unique and you might not find them everywhere. That’s why if you visit Mleiha then you should definitely check this Zoologica Centre out as it has a variety of birds, reptiles, and carnivorous animals.

You will also find all the authentic species of Arabian animals like Arabian leopard, Arabian oryx, mountain gazelle, Arabian Chukar, etc. Moreover, the kids are often fascinated with animals that they witness for the first time. So if you want your kids to have a surprising yet exciting time then you can try this place out.

Mleiha Tomb

The Bronze Age civilization is one of the most significant civilizations in human history and the seven tombs that are in Mleiha Tomb dates back to that civilization. That’s why if you plan to go to Mleiha then you should reserve a day to visit Mleiha Tomb. After all, it’s a living history to date. Moreover, it is also good for the knowledge of growing kids as they might start developing interest in history.

Furthermore, the tombs are made of stones and in such a way that they are standing firmly on the ground even today. Also, they are so beautifully carved. Therefore, it could be a pleasant site for Art and History students too.

Mleiha Archaeological Centre

Basically, it is a centre where all the historical artifacts of Mleiha are kept and are presented to you. This centre was opened in 2016, where you get to see the masterpieces of the modern age, the pre-Islamic era, and even from the Palaeolithic period. So if you are keen to know everything about the modern and old times of history, then you can pay a visit to this centre.

Desert Safari

Mleiha is itself situated in the middle of the desert. So, a desert safari is a must once you reach there. You can also go hiking there. However, the best time to hike is in the wintertime. Thus, if you are planning to hike, then make your trip during the wintertime. Furthermore, you can visit Camel Rock which is said to be the most pleasant sight of all. Also, if you are a photography enthusiast, then you might get some of the best shots there only.

Apart from desert safari, you can also try paragliding as it is available there. So, if you want to paraglide over the sand dunes of the Mleiha desert, then go for it! In short, once you reach the desert, you will find several activities which can make your day more adventurous. Some of the activities include Trek to the Valley of Caves, Fossil Rock Hiking, Dune Bashing, and much more.

Additional Information

Mleiha is located in the desert of Sharjah which has most of the historic artifacts. It gives the vibes as if you are back in the era of the Bronze Age which is quite thrilling. Moreover, if you visit the site during the winter days then you can set up the camps at night to enjoy the night full of stars.

Apart from camping, you can also try activities such as cave journeys, desert cycling, and dune buggy rides. You can also find fun classes for children that include fossil molding and flora and fauna workshops. This way, no one is left without entertainment, and when you leave the place, you will be left with so many indelible memories.


This was just a brief glimpse into the world of Mleiha. Mleiha is a beautiful part of Sharjah. Though it’s small, it’s worth exploring. People who love stuff that is related to history will definitely enjoy this place. Furthermore, in the daytime, you can wander into the thrilling history of the place, and at night you can have a romantic staycation in a camp!