4 Must-try Adventures At Mleiha, Sharjah

Sharjah is a complete package when you look for fun on holidays. You name it, and Sharjah has got it all for you. You can literally experience everything from holy places to historical places here. So it suffices to say that if you and your close ones do not share similar tastes and often argue while going on a holiday trip, then you should try Sharjah at least once.

Mleiha is a small place in Sharjah that holds a historic value. But you can still have a benevolent time with your family and friends while exploring the sites of Mleiha Archaeological Centre. So, if you want to visit this place or are planning on visiting this place then keep the aforementioned places in mind.

Al Bustan Zoological Centre

The wildlife differs from place to place, Mleiha’s animals are unique and you might not find them everywhere. That’s why if you visit Mleiha then you should definitely check this Zoologica Centre out as it has a variety of birds, reptiles, and carnivorous animals.

You will also find all the authentic species of Arabian animals like Arabian leopard, Arabian oryx, mountain gazelle, Arabian Chukar, etc. Moreover, the kids are often fascinated with animals that they witness for the first time. So if you want your kids to have a surprising yet exciting time then you can try this place out.

Mleiha Tomb

The Bronze Age civilization is one of the most significant civilizations in human history and the seven tombs that are in Mleiha Tomb dates back to that civilization. That’s why if you plan to go to Mleiha then you should reserve a day to visit Mleiha Tomb. After all, it’s a living history to date. Moreover, it is also good for the knowledge of growing kids as they might start developing interest in history.

Furthermore, the tombs are made of stones and in such a way that they are standing firmly on the ground even today. Also, they are so beautifully carved. Therefore, it could be a pleasant site for Art and History students too.

Mleiha Archaeological Centre

Basically, it is a centre where all the historical artifacts of Mleiha are kept and are presented to you. This centre was opened in 2016, where you get to see the masterpieces of the modern age, the pre-Islamic era, and even from the Palaeolithic period. So if you are keen to know everything about the modern and old times of history, then you can pay a visit to this centre.

Desert Safari

Mleiha is itself situated in the middle of the desert. So, a desert safari is a must once you reach there. You can also go hiking there. However, the best time to hike is in the wintertime. Thus, if you are planning to hike, then make your trip during the wintertime. Furthermore, you can visit Camel Rock which is said to be the most pleasant sight of all. Also, if you are a photography enthusiast, then you might get some of the best shots there only.

Apart from desert safari, you can also try paragliding as it is available there. So, if you want to paraglide over the sand dunes of the Mleiha desert, then go for it! In short, once you reach the desert, you will find several activities which can make your day more adventurous. Some of the activities include Trek to the Valley of Caves, Fossil Rock Hiking, Dune Bashing, and much more.

Additional Information

Mleiha is located in the desert of Sharjah which has most of the historic artifacts. It gives the vibes as if you are back in the era of the Bronze Age which is quite thrilling. Moreover, if you visit the site during the winter days then you can set up the camps at night to enjoy the night full of stars.

Apart from camping, you can also try activities such as cave journeys, desert cycling, and dune buggy rides. You can also find fun classes for children that include fossil molding and flora and fauna workshops. This way, no one is left without entertainment, and when you leave the place, you will be left with so many indelible memories.

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Best Free Movie Streaming Sites Without Sign Up 2020

Missed the most awaited episode of your favorite web series or TV show? It happens with most of us, we get stuck in some work and miss the most awaited episode of our favorite TV show and it feels really bad. But you don’t need to go through the same pain again because now you can enjoy with Watch full free movies online without Sign Up on your mobile phones and laptops. Isn’t that a great news? Well, it is for every that person who loves to watch TV shows and can relate with them. To know more about these shows and the procedure of watching them, go below and read the full article.

Best Ways to Watch Free Online Movies WithOut SignUp:

People think that their TV is the only online movies watching app but there is one more app which every one of us has but we don’t know about it! You are wondering what it is! Aren’t you? Don’t give so much pain to your head because the answer is your phone. Yes, your phone is the showbox you never knew about.

We are living in a world which runs on the technology or say that technology is running this world. Technology has made our lives easier in many ways, no matter if its communications, travelling or entertainment. We can enjoy these TV shows sitting these TV shows at our screens and all because of technology. Well, mobile applications of various leading channels and entertainment firm is also the result of technology. There are various websites and mobile apps, which let you enjoy your favorite shows anytime you want. Now you can enjoy all the live streaming episodes and shows sitting in any corner of the world.

How I met your mother, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Vampire diaries are one of those shows which you will enjoy whenever you will watch them. These shows are though very old but people still like to watch them; however, you will rarely find them streaming on any TV channel. But mobile applications and websites like amazon prime, Netflix and hot star let you enjoy even those shows which don’t stream on channels anymore.

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Download Vidmate Apk For Android PC Windows and Mac OS

Vidmate Apk Download: Downloading of songs and videos has become so quick and handy with the launch of many sophisticated apps these days. In fact, all the things have become so cheap and easy that you can do whatever you want with a click of a button on your mobile screen. Similarly, in this article, I am bringing before you such kind of App that will help you to download large HD files very easily in your deviance.

Vidmate Apk Download  Latest Versions For Android & PC Windows:

You might have heard the app name Vidmate which is specially developed to help users to download multiple and vast files very smoothly. The Vidmate app was recently launched on Aug 26, 2016, with its latest version 2.47. So, in order to know how Vidmate app functions and its downloading procedures, just focus on the later part of this article.

Features of  Vidmate Apk App:

Vidmate has come up with so many good features that will extend the limitation of your joy after you get to know it. The HD downloader app now gives you free amazing features that you will love to know about. So, what are the features that Vidmate comes with? Have a look:

  • You can Download Unlimited Movies:

This is the most complex app that gives you such a big content where you can find the kind of movies you want. Moreover, there are all sorts of genres available in it like Bollywood, Hollywood, etc. You can make a relevant search of the movies by searching it on the genres. When you start searching, you will find many more movies in different languages which are also collectively included in the types.

This app is regularly updated, and you will find all the latest and the hottest movie in this app. You will be provided the downloading source in different formats which will help you to find your best movie by making a relevant search.

  • You can Download High-Quality Music:

The Vidmate gives you the flexibility to download any kind of music you like by easily searching the kind you like to. The app offers you the best collection of music in different languages like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada and much more. The app drawer is full with the collections of best music and songs; you just need to select the language and search for the song you like to download.

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Bringing A New Revolution To USPS From Liteblue

USPS, an abbreviation for United States Postal Service is an independent, important and vast network under the USA federal government which caters to the postal services of all of the states of the USA and even includes the associated states. It is one of the largest networks of the nation that offers employment to about 7.5 million people and maintains the record of handling 156 million postal services in one year. Some of its other notable features are as follows: -

  • Generates an average annual revenue of USD 1.6 trillion
  • Has a well-defined differentiation in the various types of mailing systems like standard mail and first-class mail
  • Offering 500,000 career and 150,000 non-career opportunities in the network
  • Facilities for the elderly and disabled people and catering to their needs on an emergency basis
  • Generates its entire revenue from transport, courier and stamp charges and does not impose any form of tax
  • Cheaper costs to allow even the lower sections of the people to enjoy its services

To further dynamise its services and enhance the connectivity of the entire network, Liteblue has now switched over to LiteBlue, which provides an integrated solution for communication, services and employee care.

Briefing on LiteBlue

LiteBlue is the web-based services portal that takes care of not only the customers but also the current and retired employees of the network and has digitised all of the aspects of the postal services. It has ensured flawless postal service to the entire nation and improvised the flow of information within the various hierarchy levels.

As per this portal, every employee is provided with an employee ID and password to log in to their accounts and manage all of their daily mails and services easily. These accounts also hold their personal details that can be used during the performance evaluation and also set up for the different benefits that an employee can enjoy post-retirement.

The benefits

Following are the benefits that both the customers and employees have been able to enjoy due to LiteBlue: -

  • Easier work management by the employees due to easy maintaining of the records of various services and consignments handled by them
  • Offering all kinds of career-related information to the employees and enhancing their skills via various programmes
  • Increased dynamics of the overall postal system due to accurate and live time tracking of the various consignments of the customers
  • Offering extended record management that can be used for future works and references
  • Complete automation of the mail delivery system and ensuring cent per cent correct delivery to the customers
  • The easy flow of information due to the maintaining of various levels of hierarchy
  • The retired employees get to enjoy all forms of post-retirement benefits due to this web portal service that ensures these services.

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Process Analytical Technology (PAT) in Pharmaceuticals

Process Analytical technology (PAT) is an important methodology in the design of pharmaceutical manufacturing process. It’s simply a method or methods that are most necessary when producing drugs, where controls and analysis are placed to ensure the quality of raw materials used and the process in manufacturing is ideal in order to produce a final product of high and best quality. This is made possible through proper measurement and calibration of critical process which are important variables or parameters that have direct impact to the pharmaceutical production process and product quality. Pharmaceutical products have great significance in health care, which may include treatment, managing diseases and other health defect regulation, the pharmaceutical manufacture needs to put into consideration regulatory process and great engineering know how, alongside quality technology, which can stand up to the challenge as we advance in technology and science in the industry. Process analytical technology (PAT) Frame work is simply quality control.

There are factors that influences PAT frame work, ad these includes;Passage of Administration; This talks about how the drugs are taken. Some are in tablets, capsules, creams and liquid (syrup). They can be ingested through the mouth, some passed via injections, ocular, nasal, rectal etc.Pharmacokinetic characteristics of the drugs:This factor, talks about how the drugs move in the body, or interact with it. It also talks about its time of absorption, how it is distributed and how it is excreted. This can help to also know how long the drug would stay in the body or how long its effect will have on the individual.

Toxicological characteristics; This is very important as it tells how harmful a drug can be or how it affects a particular individual. This also helps in determining the method of application or administration. For example a virginal cream to top an infection cannot be swallowed because it will have a bad effect to the digestive system. Also it helps to identify drugs that can be harmful if taken by some individual in delicate health position.Chemical, physical, biopharmaceutical characteristics;This how to deal with the chemical components of the drug and how it reacts to other properties or different external environment like temperature, humidity, which has to do with mostly storage.

This tells how the drug should be packaged and this is made possible by quality assurance and process analytical technology (PAT). This creates quality products that get to the consumers. Process analytical technology (PAT) analysis goes a long way to help the health regulatory system or body in creating a standard for every pharmaceutical company on how and what they should take into consideration before their drugs hit the public.There are principles or steps to be taken into consideration when one has to deal with pharmaceutical product designing and its process in manufacturing. This principles regulates various materials and process used in production. Also because of the constant rise in technological advancement in the pharmaceutical world, and the world In general today, there have been a lot of progress when it comes to chemical composition,

density and other properties, this now creates a little set back as some other attributes may not be considered which may end up becoming harmful to the consumer when it hit the public and the streets.These are then checked by some tools, called PROCESS ANALYTICAL TECHNOLOGY TOOLS (PAT TOOLS).

Process Analytical Technology Tools (Pat Tools)

A process analytical technology tool (PAT tools) helps to limit such difficulties in understanding the materials used. Which can help to discover new and vital information of the products, both physical, chemical and biological. These tools includesPROCESS ANALYSIS: This creates a wide range of data, used for quality assurance. This provides analysis more than just the PH, humidity, pressure and temperature. It carries out test that analysis the physical, chemical and biological properties of the drugsMULTIVARIATE TOOLS: These are used for designing analysis and acquiring data in the process analytical technology (PAT) process. This is important in the process design of the final product. Process analytical technology (PAT) is very important in pharmaceuticals and also a very important process for quality control.

Security Camera Recording Systems - An Introduction to Current Technology Ever come home and noticed that something was missing; maybe an ornament or silverware and you had no way of finding out where it was or who might have taken it. Perhaps you own a business; an electronic hardware shop to be precise, you do not trust the methods with which your sales personnel are handling business and you would like to keep them on their toes with surveillance. You are in the right place if you are considering buying and installing a video surveillance system for home or office use.I am going to be discussing the different Video surveillance systems available in the market and the features of each to inform you in your purchase decision.

It is pertinent for you to know above all else that the Video Surveillance System is based on the quality of the recorded images. As at the time of writing this article there are three types of Video Surveillance Systems available: The Analog/Time Lapse Recorder (VCR) Systems, the Digital Hard Drive Recording Systems (just like a VCR with the difference being that it uses a hard drive to store videos) and the PC based Digital Video Recording Systems (DVR)

The Analog/Time Lapse Recorder The first surveillance cameras (which were time-lapse recorders) required a monitor for every camera. It has a single video input, recording incoming signal with a video tape that records between 2-960 hours of video depending on the recorder.

The video relay slowed down at a rate of one picture every 9 seconds (very slow right!). To get a clear image of what the recorded feed would look like, imagine watching people pass by through a video but instead of walking, they seem to be taking each step so slowly it would seem like they were walking 100 meters in 5 minutes.

I recommend that you set the recording duration to a time no longer than 72 hours as this would enable you record the entire weekend without having to switch tapes. The time-lapse recorder is okay if you are only going to need a single camera or you could add a video multiplexer for multiple cameras.

This will give you the advantage of recording multiple cameras on a single time-lapse recorder and monitor. Multiplexers come in two types, color or black and white. The negative is that during relay of incoming video, about half the information on the picture is lost and the total image per second for each camera reduces from nine to three seconds.

Digital Hard-drive Recorder As technology improved, manufacturers were able to come up with a new design that fuses the multiplex function of the time-lapse recorder another system that uses hard drives instead of VCR tapes to store recorded visuals (an upgrade right!).

While the software is operated internally, the high resolution for video input is hardware based and can record high-resolution video feed from more than 16 cameras at up to 160 images per second as against the time-lapse that recorded one picture every 9 seconds! As soon as the hard drive fills, the system removes the oldest videos to create space to record new images, (this is called First in First Out Video).

So the larger the hard drive, the more images that can be stored. An awesome feature of this recorder is that it allows advanced playback capabilities that ensure you find stored videos in seconds not hours as against the time-lapse recorder.

PC based Digital Video Recorder This surveillance system comprises of a computer, video capture cards and a software package. It has a far higher processing speed that relays recording of up to 480 images per second and allows full motion video to be recorded and played back on a PC.

This would mean that people who you watched on the live video feed were just as they seemed through the camera instead of watching action that has already happened. It also has options for remote viewing so that even when you are not at home or at the business place you can view everything happening in real time via an internet connectivity.I personally recommend the Digital Video Recorder. There are so many options for the PC based Digital Video Recorder and it is relatively cheaper than the other options. The cameras are so small that they you can hide them if you do not want it seen. An example here is a nanny cam.At the end of it all it comes down to your budget, the features of each and the purpose you want it to serve.

The Big FiveThings to note before developing your e-commerce app

E-commerce is a very lucrative business online and the market, though saturated, still gives new comers a chance to take a chunk from the pie. Before you do however, you must understand the field; what the consumers want and how they shop online. Most especially, you must have a good knowledge of e-commerce software’s, how they operate and what makes the difference for you to make a choice.Here is our break down of the 5 basic things you need to know when thinking of one;Understand the App flow: You need to know how your app will work. It has to be user friendly and not complicated. Work hand in hand with the app developers to ensure your app;

Registration process is seamless. E.g users can register via their social media handlesthe process as simple as possible, make navigation simple by reducing the number of screens your customers have to go throughDon’t make the sign-up process mandatory to avoid them getting turned off

Provide more than one payment method to encourage usageYour eCommerce support and Maintenance: Make sure you have a working relationship with your e-commerce development company. This is to ensure you get their buy-in when your app develops any problem and can easily access them. Expected occurrences like when your payment platform develops a problem or stops working or when the server crashes, you can contact them as they will be on standby to correct the problem. A good working relationship is paramount.

Choose the right e-commerce platform: It is expected that you must have done your homework to be able to decide the best m-commerce app development company to work with. When you understand the e-commerce platform you want to work with, the m-commerce app to use will not be a problem. Find below some of the leading eCommerce platforms you can choose from;

If you need over 13000+ modules and themes to jumpstart, grow and expand your business, then you need ‘OpenCart’. OpenCart market place is an open source PHP based online e-commerce solution that provides beautiful themes for most sectors amongst other available services common with e-commerce app.

Magneto is another flexible e-commerce platform that offers almost everything one should expect from an eCommerce site. Shopify is another well known platform that affords ease of setup. You can easily customize the look of your site ad more. It has a handy dashboard area that helps you quickly add up products.

If you want to have control to sell anything anywhere, then Woo Commerce is just what you need. It gives you the freedom to create a beautiful online store while providing a strong and robust framework to your developers.

Get a simple and fast Admin Panel: Admin panels play a vital role in your e-commerce plan. It allows you control and manage data on your platform so before choosing an e-commerce platform, make sure you understand and are able to handle the back end without any fuss or fight.

Admin panels allows you manage and control data such as inventory, promo codes, payment status, view, add and delete email users, amongst other services. s

make sure you understand and are able to handle the back end without any fuss or fight. Admin panels allows you manage and control data such as inventory, promo codes, payment status, view, add and delete email users, amongst other services.

Make sure you do all five. It is essential that you carry out research about any business you want to go in and also about partners you will be collaborating with. It is also essential that you understand the business and know all the software that will enhance your business. Make sure you have a good knowledge of mobile apps before you go to a mobile app development agency.